Express Pet Transportation Services

This section describes the two different types of ground shipping services that Vista Line Logistics Express provides.

Line Logistics Express uses Minivans for both the private and shared transports. Our vehicles are newer, comfortable and regularly maintained to insure not only a quick and comfortable trip but a safe and secure trip as well.

Line Logistics Express supplies everything needed for your pet(s) trip including the crates, bedding, bottled water, etc. The only thing that we ask of the Pet Parent is that they provide the food and health certificate on your pet(s). We also ask that you provide a fitted collar for your dog. Cats are kept in their crates the entire trip but are large enough to hold a litter box, bed and food and water.

Your Pet Mover never leaves your pet(s) alone. We spend 24/7 with your pet(s) and give them the love and caring that they would expect from their Pet Parent. You can call your Pet Mover anytime!

Your Pet Mover will stay in constant contact with you and will text picture or email picture you during the trip so that you can see how great your pets trip actually is going!


At ACT Couriers, our same-day courier service ensures delivery of items within the shortest possible time, within or between major urban centres in South Africa.

Need something delivered as soon as possible? Just tell us what you require and we’ll collect your parcel from your door. For a inter-city delivery, our expert couriers will drive the parcel directly to its destination.

For a delivery between major cities in South Africa, we’ll ship your parcel on the first available flight and, once it lands, drive it to its final destination straight away.

This means you can get items where they need to go, the same day they’re collected.

Our same-day courier services are ideal for urgent consignments of all types, including time-sensitive business, legal and travel documents.